The Golden Ticket

Your access to prize draws, guest passes to events, super exclusive traits, early access to collections and more.

For every 100 Golden tickets minted, we will draw ten of those 100 to give prizes to. For each 100 we are giving away:
 – 5x Genesis Ninjas (worth around 0.15 eth each)
 – 5x Free Mints in the Christmas Ninja main collection (worth 0.05 eth each)

Plus, hold on to your Golden Ticket and you will get:
 – Early pre-mint access to each of our collections
 – Monthly prize draws
 – Guest passes to any of our events

Plus you will want to keep your Golden Ticket for the upcoming Age of the Dragon event (did anyone say extra exclusive traits and rewards?)

On the Ethereum network
0.01 Eth each + Gas
Max 10 per transaction