Jessica Hopley-Willcock -Chief Design Ninja

Jess is our Chief Design Ninja and the creator of the beautiful art in both the Christmas Ninja book and NFT series.

She is a passionate artist and has been creating since the day she could hold a paintbrush in her hand. In fact, art and design have been important aspects of Jess’s journey as she has used it to process her life and emotions as she dealt with sexual assault and severe epilepsy.

Jess has been recognised for her artistic talents, and her work has been featured in prominent exhibits on mental health.

As well as the Christmas Ninja NFTs, Jess is passionate about bringing to life the Forgiveness project which she founded. She uses forgiveness work combined with EFT and Tapping to help families and individuals move past trauma and unforgiveness.

Jess’s compassion and creativity are a core part of the team, and she can often be seen picking up worms stuck on a pavement and carrying them to the safety of the grass.