Megan Henderson - Chief Marketing/Partnerships Ninja

Megan (she/her) is our NFT-obsessed Chief Marketing and Partnerships Ninja, that is responsible for letting the NFT native community get as excited as we are about the project.  

In her professional capacity, Megan is an experienced marketing operation and strategy expert who has been helping NFT projects with project management, operations and marketing strategy.

With a wealth of experience in sales and healthcare practice management, Megan has spent the last two years in marketing analytics and, prior to that, a number of years in small business digital and online marketing/operations management.

Megan is a rock in the team and contributes a huge amount of NFT knowledge and endless energy. Her love of technology and innovation got her into the cryptocurrency space years ago, and blockchain possibilities have solidified her mindset that the future is web3.  She is known for her passion of helping others, especially in advocacy and social good.  She is a wife and mom of 4 mini-ninjas who keep her on her toes, as well as a yellow belt in Tang Soo Doo.