The Christmas Ninja NFT Project

Recognising and rewarding the traits that make humans awesome!

The Christmas Ninjas

Honor, Kindness, Courage, Compassion, Selflessness! There are the traits celebrated by the Christmas Ninja.

This 10,000 PFP NFT Collection was inspired by a children’s book. Weary of the commercialized Santa Claus lore, a father re-wrote this Christmas tale for his young son. A son who dreamed of Ninjas protecting people and doing cool things for others.

Imagine a world in which, one night in Bethlehem, Santa Claus and his Evil Ninja Elves made a cold, calculated assassination attempt on the Christ Child, baby Jesus.

With love for all persons, no matter their heritage or faith, the Christmas Ninja stepped in with a pure heart, holding space for any and all to spread the message of love. This message extends beyond any bounds of tradition and welcomes all.

This community is a platform for Change Agents. The NFT series applies concepts of neuro-cognitive training to encourage holders to rewire their brains to seek–and find–the best in humanity. When we celebrate the goodness in others, the goodness expands.

This is a Ninja’s journey in defence of excellence and human potential. Come with us.

Genesis Collection Minting on July 23rd

Genesis Collection

Our Genesis Collection is a limited release from our NFT collection of 250 exclusive and unique Ninja NFTs. Those who hold them also hold a desire to recognize and reward the traits that make humans amazing. Because everyone is worthy of being treated with honor, respect, compassion, courage, and self-sacrifice.

Each Genesis Ninja gives the holder two free mints of the upcoming Christmas Ninja NFT series and a free mint in all upcoming expanded universe collections.

Genesis Ninjas will also give you myriad other benefits, including VIP access to the exclusive Annual Christmas Ninja Christmas Party and regular companion ‘Worthy Series’ NFTs for you to gift to someone you deem worthy of recognition and reward.

Total Mints: 250 
Price: 264 MATIC (Around .15Eth)
Max Mint: 3 per wallet
Must be on the AllowList

The Golden Ticket

Your access to prize draws, guest passes to events, super exclusive traits, early access to collections and more.

For every 100 Golden tickets minted, we will draw ten of those 100 to give prizes to. For each 100 we are giving away 1 eth worth of prizes:
 – 5x Genesis Ninjas (worth 0.15 eth each)
 – 5x Free Mints in the Christmas Ninja main collection (worth 0.05 eth each)

Plus, hold on to your Golden Ticket and you will get:
 – Early pre-mint access to each of our collections
 – Monthly prize draws
 – Guest passes to any of our events

Plus you will want to keep your Golden Ticket for the upcoming Age of the Dragon event (did anyone say extra exclusive traits and rewards?)

On the Ethereum network
0.01 Eth each + Gas
Max 10 per transaction

Utility (The Benefits of the Christmas Ninja)

Golden Ticket

This is the utility or benefits you get from minting a Golden Ticket NFT

  • 1 eth worth of prizes given away with each batch of 100 Mints 
  • Each 100 mints has a chance to win:
    • 1 of 5 Genesis Ninjas and
    • 1 of 5 Free Mints in the Christmas Ninja main collection
  • Ongoing monthly prize draws
  • Early pre-mint access to the Christmas Ninja mint and any future collections
  • Additional guest passes to any of our events
  • Plus, keep your Golden Ticket for extra traits and upgrades in our upcoming Age of Dragon event 

Genesis Ninja Collection

This is the utility or benefits you get from minting a Genesis Collection NFT

  • Two free Mints of the Christmas Ninja NFT when our Mint opens.
  • Early pre-mint access to the Christmas Ninja mint to ensure you can pick up additional Ninjas.
  • Free mints in all upcoming expanded universe projects for the Christmas Ninja.
  • VIP Access to the Annual Christmas Ninja Party.
  • Holding a Genesis Collection NFT will also double the amount of ‘Worthy Series’ companion NFTs you get for free to gift to others you deem worthy.
  • Each mint will put you in the draw for a number of prizes including 1 prize of 1 ETH, 1 prize of a Diamond Dawg NFT, and more

Main Collection Utility

Immediate Utility

This is the utility or benefits that you get just for purchasing a Christmas Ninja NFT

  • Your very own Christmas Ninja NFT – you join the family and become a Christmas Ninja yourself.
  • A free copy of the Christmas Ninja Story Book when it is published.
  • Exclusive access to the Annual Christmas Ninja Party where we celebrate amazing humans (we will be breaking a Guinness Book World Record). 

Projected Utility

This is the utility or benefits that you will soon receive (the team are working tirelessly to deliver this)

  • Companion ‘Worthy Series’ NFT will be airdropped to you so that you can recognise and reward someone you deem worthy
  • Access to resources and training in the Christmas Ninja Academy (Dojo)
  • Wear your worthiness with pride – each holder will receive discounts in our merch store
  • Free copy of the Christmas Ninja comic book series

Universal Utility

This is the reason you want to hold onto a Christmas Ninja NFT. These are the benefits and utility you constantly get just for have one of the series/

  • Your yearly access to the Annual Christmas Party
  • Your yearly airdrop of Worthy Series NFTs
  • Surprise trait rewards for holders
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Surprise rewards for anyone that holds their NFT
  • Early access to all upcoming expanded universe projects for the Christmas Ninja.

Blue Sky Utility

These are the big plans we have for the project and the impact that it has on the world

  • Launch the Lone Ninja project to help children that are alone at Christmas (for those in orphanages, hospitals, hospices etc)
  • In real life, Christmas Ninja events and community involvement
  • Launch the Worthy Hall of fame Awards to recognise exemplar human beings
  • Brand partnerships that align with our mission

Roadmap (Our Business Plan)

“You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind.” Proverb

1 - Hatsubai Dynasty

The Hatsubai Dynasty or Launch Dynasty

This is the Launch, the very birth of our Christmas Ninja project. In this space, we seek to empower people who are new to this space with education and training. For only with these can a Ninja advance her skills. With knowledge, there is power. So here we teach. And we create an original space for 250 holders to join our mission.

  • Launch of the Daily NFT Ninjas podcast
  • Regular 5-Day Challenges to teach people about NFTs
  • The Genesis Collection is released
  • 2 - Shiryoku Dynasty

    The Shiryoku Dynasty or Sight Dynasty

    In this Dynasty, there is Sight. It is a beautiful unveiling.

    It is where art and story combine, creating a vision for all that is possible when we seek and see the goodness in others.

  • The world will get to see the artwork of the Christmas Ninja series
  • The Christmas Ninja story book is published for the world to see
  • Wear your worthiness with pride as we open the Christmas Ninja Merch store
  • 3 - Kazoku Dynasty

    The Kazoku Dynasty or Family Dynasty

    Family is not always created by birth; it may be chosen. There is goodness in all and all are born worthy. We find Family when we recognize and honor the light in others. When we see another cultivating the traits celebrated by the Christmas Ninja, we celebrate them.

  • All Ninjas prepare to recognize and reward people for their worthiness as we launch the Worthy NFTs for you to give away
  • All our Ninja family come together for the inaugural Christmas Ninjas Party
  • Guinness Book of World Record broken for the annual Christmas Party
  • 4 - Shinzō Dynasty

    The Shinzō Dynasty or Heart Dynasty

    Here, we focus on the Heart. The Ninja family is focused on making an impact in the world around us.

  • It is time for us to give back with the launch of the Lone Ninja Project. This is where we show love to those that have no family to support their journey.
  • We will use funding from the project to bless children that are in hospitals, hospices, and orphanages
  • Ninjas can get involved with IRL events, sharing their support through the project and in person.
  • 5 - Seichō Dynasty

    The Seichō Dynasty or Growth Dynasty

    Here, we celebrate Growth. We seek it out for ourselves and encourage it in others. We provide a space for learning, expansion, and curiosity. For this life is a journey. Oh, and isn’t the journey even richer when there’s a HODL Surprise?

  • We host training on each of the Ninja traits in our own islands in the Metaverse.
  • Yearly Christmas party surprises and drops of the Worthy Series NFTs
  • We have some exciting partnerships (including designer labels and more) being organized that will be launched in this era
  • 6 - Shōrai Dynasty

    The Shōrai Dynasty or Future Dynasty

    In this Future Dynasty, we dream of greater service and even celebration of those striving to help others. The story continues, the art inspires, and the vision for impact is sharpened. And of course, there are more HODL surprises as we move toward the Age of the Dragon.

  • Launch of IRL Events and Christmas parties at hospitals and venues around the globe
  • Launch of the Hall of Fame Awards to recognize the amazing individuals that have shown great sacrifice
  • Launch the next book and comic book series
  • Our team

    Team is everything and our team comes with a wealth of talent. Award winning marketers, authors, podcast hosts, lawyers and cyber security experts. The team have everything it takes to not only deliver on the launch, but to bring to life a change in the hearts and minds of people.

    An Important Message From the Christmas Ninja Team

    Our mission, through the Christmas Ninja NFT project, is to encourage all who display honor, respect, compassion, courage, and self-sacrifice. These traits are within all of us, no matter our race, gender, age, religion, identity, neurodiversity, or experience. Everyone is born worthy, with their own unique potential. It is up to each of us to develop and demonstrate these traits, earning the Worthy badge of the Christmas Ninja.

    We cannot fully explore or even begin to understand these traits unless and until we embrace diversity. Our project, therefore, invites Worthy nominations that empower people showing up authentically, with loving kindness for all.

    NFTs offer a new way of creating, connecting, and building community—a way that, by its very nature, advances diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Christmas Ninja NFT team is honored to be a part of this innovation. We celebrate you.

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    To say thanks, each person that completes the challenge will be gifted a free NFT from the Kanji Club Collection.