Ashley Fillingim - Chief Legal and Business Ninja

Ashley Fillingim our Chief Legal and Business Ninja as well as a speaker, consultant, legal counselor, and wine shop owner in a small coastal town. 

In her professional capacity, Ashley is a talented business strategist and attorney who helps entrepreneurs create, grow, and scale. 

She spent two decades with a top-tier international law firm—including over ten years as a litigation partner—representing Fortune 500 clients in complex, high-stakes litigation. Trained by Hollywood acting coaches and screenwriters in the art of persuasion, Ashley was part of a team that travelled across the country testing jury themes (the rest is classified). 

She led teams of attorneys across multiple law firms and various states in a highly publicized fight with the U.S. Department of Justice. And she represented companies in contract disputes, class actions and product liability litigation.

Along the way, Ashley discovered a passion for building businesses and supporting entrepreneurs in their journey. She left “Big Law” to work with creators, dreamers, and disruptors. 

Ashley joined the Christmas Ninja NFT project because it marries her love of art and innovation with the desire to celebrate people who are making an impact on the lives they touch.