Janice Wong - Chief Operations Ninja

Janice is a proud mum and responsible for keeping our team of ADHD founders organised and on track (the term wrangling cats comes to mind). Suggestion: Janice (she/her) is our Chief Operations Ninja and cheerleader who keeps our team of visionary and multi-passionate founders organised and on track.

In her professional capacity, Janice is an Operations and Business Growth Consultant, a business mentor for BIPOC women entrepreneurs, a former Director of Nursing, and a mental health advocate. 

She is passionate about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs build high-performing teams, streamline operations, develop data-driven strategies, and amplify their social impact. 

She believes each and every one of us has the power to change the world. When climate change caused outraging wildfires and devastation in her hometown in 2020, she founded a sustainable e-commerce brand to help busy parents reduce the environmental impact of single-use children’s products. 

Janice is a big believer in the power of kindness and positive social change. She is always looking for ways to spread joy and appreciation, which led her to join the Christmas Ninja team. Her favorite quote is, “There is no act of kindness too small.”