Honor, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Self-sacrifice

Nominate someone worthy

Know someone that deserves to be recognized for being an amazing human?
Know someone that has gone out of their way for others?
Want their attitude and hard work to be acknowledged and even rewarded?

Well we want to recognize them for making the world a bigger brighter place!

Nominate them to be considered “Worthy” by the Christmas Ninja and they could win a free NFT.

It could be something simple they have done (like stopping to help change a tyre), or something inspirational (they stepped outside their comfort zone to speak on stage). Maybe they just consistently help others in their community. 

No matter how big or how small their acts, we want to hear it (you can even nominate yourself).

Plus as an added bonus, you will both be entered into the draw to win some incredible prizes.

The Christmas Ninja Team